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The little fish which you may see are feeder goldfish and if you are lucky you may see them become bass food soon. You may also see some snails which are to keep the tank clean.

UPDATE:  I  had a hard disk drive crash on the basscam machine, but it is back now.  I will have to wait to get a Large Mouth Bass back in the tank.  There is a yellow perch and some snails.  You may notice the an fresh water clams in the tank now as well., happy viewing.

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The Bass Cam!

Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides)
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The bass in question is in a 30 gallon tank until it gets too big then it will be placed in a private farm pond. 
Happy viewing.



If you desire you can watch video of feeding time. 
Real Media click here , for Windows Media click here.

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